11 Surprising benefits of milk powder

Benefits of Milk Powder - Hollandia milk powder

11 Surprising benefits of milk powder

Benefits of Milk Powder - Hollandia milk powder

It has been a while since the milk powder was invented and distributed across the world. While few people prefer having milk daily to maintain their healthy regimen, most of them are gradually trying to add powdered milk in their diet regimen. For the uninitiated, there are plenty of benefits of milk powder which should not be ignored at all. For your reference, we have jotted down the benefits below-


11 Healthy benefits of Milk Powder


Aids in Recovering From Sickness:

For patients who are recovering from sickness, they can enjoy the goodness of powdered milk in their diet. Powdered milk contains important nutrients that help the patients regain their lost health and helps in recovering efficiently.

Offers Adequate Amount of Protein:

Approximately 10gm of milk powder contains around 1gm of protein. Hence, consuming this much regularly can aid in repairing tissue and muscles to the optimum level. It is best for those who are into fitness and need constant source of protein to continue their fitness journey impeccably.

Provides Instant Energy

A lot of athletes and dancers have claimed them they tend to derive instant energy from consuming a small packet of milk powder. Hence, they tend to keep small packets of powdered milk with them to battle the fatigue during their training.

Helps in Strengthening Bones

The milk powder contains adequate amount of minerals, Vitamin D ,Calcium, Magnesium & Phosphorus which aid in strengthening bones and build healthy bones. It is important to maintain healthy bones to avoid any bone related issues in future. This one benefit of powdered milk which makes it indispensable for women to include milk or its by product as women age their bone density decreases and milk being rich in calcium improves the bone health.

Improves Skin Health

Milk powder and other dairy products surprisingly contains an adequate amount of Riboflavin that helps in maintaining a good skin and also aids in improving the skin health effectively. Regular intake of milk powder in any form will help you attain flawless skin without any problem.

A Great Dietary Supplement For Pregnant Ladies

Drinking powdered milk is an amazing choice of beverage especially for pregnant ladies. It is easier to digest and is tastefully delicious drink for pregnant women. They can carry the milk powder with them anywhere and consume whenever they want without debasing the nutrition value.

Helps in Stimulating Sleep

Although it is not a proven fact, but a lot of people have admitted that drinking milk has indeed helped them take a proper nap. Apparently, it helps people who are suffering from insomnia, thereby allowing them to have a sound sleep.

Is Helpful During Travel

While travelling, taking milk powder daily helps you consume milk protein daily and thus it doesn’t hamper your daily diet regime, which includes milk as a part of your daily diet regime. Hence, do carry enough packets of powdered milk while travelling. This is the main advantage of the powdered milk and it was made because it could be transported easily and conveniently without compromising the nutrition value.

Keeps the Body Hydrated

During intense summers, drinking milk can keep your body hydrated. No matter where you are you can always carry milk powder in small packets and mix it with water to keep yourself hydrated throughout the summers. Nigerians should carry it while traveling or going out in scorching sun, we know how hot it gets in Nigeria may be we are closest to Sun (just kidding)!

Serves as A Delectable Beverage

Believe it or not, powdered milk enhances the taste of hot and cold beverages like coffee, tea and milkshakes and does improve the taste of the drink, thereby encouraging people to drink their favorite beverage any point in time.

Improves Digestion

It is said to improve the digestive system of both children and adults alike. As per previous researches it has been revealed that lactose which is supposed to be the most prevalent carbohydrate in the milk benefits human beings by preventing gastric disturbances, thereby improving the digestion effectively.

So these were few of the surprising & healthy benefits of milk powder. Now that you know about the positive benefits and do not forget to include them in your daily regime. One of the premium providers of powdered milk is CHI Ltd offers delectable dairy products in Nigeria. Let us know your favorite way of consuming milk powder and how it has affected your health and diet!